RMIS Reporting

INFORM utilizes easy-to-use reporting methods to address the differing needs of its user base. Whether your needs are basic or complex INFORM has a solution.

We offer the following reporting tools: Drag & Drop, standard parameterized or guided "Ad Hoc" selection screens, dashboards, and portal-based reports that launch automatically or can be launched at will. From the casual user to the "power" user, standard and customized parameterized reports allow for deeper analytics.

Our business rule driven email report bursting and alerts provide wide distribution of information. Alerts fulfill the need for instant information requirements from your RMIS system to keep you informed every minute.

    Some Examples:

  • Year over Year
  • "As of" - like or unlike periods
  • Loss runs
  • Comparative
  • Loss stratification
  • Actuarial
  • Cost Allocation
  • Loss Prevention
  • OSHA
  • And many more...

Our Design

We recognize that there are many different needs and levels of user expertise in Risk Management. So, when we designed INFORM, we took that into account.

There are different report types for differing report needs. The first report type is with data that has the current valuation or "as of now" look at your data, giving you the ability to "glance" at your current situation, assisting in making determinations such as, cash paid out, total claim counts/costs, etc.

The second report type is "as of" with similar or unlike transactional data values. This gives you the ability to perform comparative reports for performance measuring. The third is "as of" with similar or unlike transactional data values using exposures or benchmarking data. This particular report type is paramount in normalizing your data by interjecting the other forms of information such as exposure data and loss development factors.

Our design mission is to not only address these varying report types, but to also meet the needs of risk finance, operations, loss prevention, OSHA regulatory, claim audit, Medicare section 111 and more. While we have one of the most comprehensive reporting packages available, INFORM strives to present your data to you in an easy-to-use manner.

Our development staff is comprised of risk management professionals whose expertise in programming and developing industry standard and client-specific systems has greatly attributed to our success. As such, we inherently created INFORM RMIS and customize client solutions better and more quickly than some of our competition.

Why choose us?


ExperienceOver 35 years providing RMIS reports


ReliabilityUp over 99% of the time