Mobile Reporting

INFORM utilizes easy-to-use mobile device reporting tools to address the differing needs of its mobile user base. Mobile reports are designed in similar fashion to our standard RMIS but with an eye to the mobile device environment.

Get the data you need...anytime..anywhere, that's what mobile is all about. Charts, reports or alerts...get them on-the go with INFORM Mobile.

  • Reports - Drill Downs
  • Charts - Drill Down
  • Alerts
  • Comparisons
  • Summaries
  • Score Cards
  • Field Reports
  • And many more...

Why choose us?


Device IndependentWorks on several mobile devices


Quick to DeployShare within your organization

Our Design

The mobile environment demands straightforward reports and charts with quick response.

We offer the same kind of report types as our RMIS Reports but designed for the Mobile environment. Current valuation of your data, "as of" with similar or unlike transactional data values, "as of" with similar or unlike transactional data values but with added in normalized data for the like transactional data values with exposure data and Loss Development factors.

While we have one of the most comprehensive reporting packages available, INFORM strives to present your data to you in an easy-to-use manner.