RMIS Portals

The INFORM RMIS Portal utilizes the latest business Intelligence technology to address the differing needs of its user base. Whether your needs are basic or complex the INFORM RMIS Portal will meet your needs.

Our RMIS Portal provides easy information gathering to maximize your results while minimizing the time that you need to spend on analysis. From the casual user to the power user the RMIS portal is there for you.

From Risk Finance, to Risk Analytics, to Loss Prevention, to Claims Analysis, to Claim Predictive Modeling our RMIS Portal will address your needs.

Reports, Charts, Maps are all an integral part of the RMIS Portal that provides an interactive and flexible platform.


    Portal Functionality:

  • Inception-to-Date Reporting
  • Year over Year Reporting
  • Device Responsive Reporting
  • Dynamic Scorecard Reports
  • Dashboard Reports
  • "My Portal"
  • Customized
  • Managed Reporting
  • Web Entry Screens
  • And more...

Our Portal Design

We recognize that there are many different needs and levels of user expertise in Risk Management. So, when we designed our INFORM RMIS Portal, we took that into account.

The claim data that we support comes either directly from our clients using our claim administration systems, or from the carriers and/or TPAs that our clients have contracted with, and which is sent to us on a periodic basis.

Clients may analyze their claim data from the claim inception through the current date or by like periods over multiple years. In either case there is an easy way of comparing results and analyzing exceptions down to the individual claim and the claim notes.

What they’ve asked us for and what we provide in terms of analysis runs the gamut of user specified reports that are distributed like a “boardroom” packet, to user driven analytics that as an example, show the top 10 causes of loss, and the individual claims that make up those numbers along with the claims’ transaction history.

We have designed our portals so that they are device independent, since our clients not only use the browsers on their computers but also on their tablets and their “smart” phones.

For those clients that are inclined to do so, we also provide a very easy to use report writer through a portal that utilizes the summary databases that we have developed to provide the analysis, and allows a user to write, save and share their own created reports.

Of course, INFORM will also create a customized portal based on their specifications.

Easy to use and responsive is our mission.

Why choose us?


We Utilize WebFOCUS BI TechnologyAn Award Winning Business Intelligence Platform


Understandable InformationReports, Graphics, Maps, Drill Downs