Construction Wrap Ups

If you are a third party or a company that administers an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) or a Contractor or Third Party that administers a Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP) then INFORM’s Construction offerings might be something you would be interested in.

Then INFORM's Construction Application Platform (CAP) with a RMIS and claims management system may be exactly what you are looking for.

At INFORM we created a software solution that encompasses into one offering all the Wrap-up administration and claim handling needs of an owner or a general contractor, either bundled or unbundled. With one stop shopping, INFORM CAP can meet all your needs today.

Manage your insurance plan and its results. Track the effectiveness of your safety program and share the results with your insurer and other stakeholders for potential premium savings.

  • Tier Enrollments For Contractors
  • Administrative Printing Insurance Certificates
  • Insurance Certificate Tracking
  • Administrative Payroll Entry
  • "Deduct" Calculations
  • Direct Payroll Entry By Contractors
  • Cumulative Claim Entries
  • Integrated Carrier/TPA feeds
  • Email Report Bursting
  • Report Bursting and Alerts by e-mail
  • RMIS Operational Reporting
  • Carrier Close-out and Audit Information

Our Design - Beyond the standard Wrap Up Systems

For the past few years INFORM has licensed software to specific third parties and brokers that administer an OCIP or CCIP specifically for very large construction projects. We have now expanded on that exclusivity by offering this solution to more of the providers of this service.

If you are tasked in providing a complete offerings for both administration of OCIPs or CCIPs and the subsequent processing of Claims administration and RMIS reporting for large projects, ┬áthen INFORM’s Construction Application Platform (CAP) might be an offering that you should consider.

We provide in one we based software solution all the Wrap-Up administration and claim handling needs of an owner, a general contractor, or a broker, both in a bundled or unbundled solution.

INFORM's CAP modules are ideally suited for the medium to large size construction projects, is designed to save you thousands of dollars of unneeded costs, and provides information that is delivered very cost effectively.

It is simply a better way to manage these risks.

If you have interest in discussing the functionality of this offering and/or seeing a demo, please contact INFORM directly at 631-851-0222 Ext. 2010 or Contact Us.


Why choose us?


Proven resultsExperience with a multi-billion dollar OCIP


ExperienceOver 10 years experience with construction projects


A Comprehensive SystemAll that you need to manage your construction insurance costs