OSHA Recordkeeping

Our OSHA Intake software simplifies the task of reporting OSHA incidents more quickly and economically. It helps you with your OSHA record keeping requirements.

The OSHA module can be a complete standalone OSHA incident/entry system or in can be fed from call center or TPA's and carriers. It allows you and your field people update the lost time any day and everyday to keep you in compliance. It also produces the OSHA reports that you need when you need them.

  • OSHA Incident Recording
  • Lost Time Updates
  • OSHA Compliance Reports
  • Call Center Incident "Seeding"
  • TPA/Carrier Incident "Seeding"
  • Email Alerts
  • Notes
  • Document Attachment
  • Can be Customized

Our Design

Our design mission for the OSHA module to provide a mechanism to allow complete data entry of an OSHA incident and to provide the necessary OSHA compliance reports.

We can seed the OSHA incidents from outside sources such as call centers, TPA's, or carriers or you can enter the entire OSHA recordable incident into this module. It allows you to let your field people update the lost an transition duty times easily and economically. Within the entry screen you can produce the OSHA reports as well.

This is a time proven system.

Why choose us?


Proven ResultsOver 15 years of experience with OSHA recordkeeping


Data seeding from outside sourcesHelps keep your OSHA incidents up to date