The needs of the Safety professional are different than for risk finance and claims management. The needs for Safety get right into the heart of your operations. Are there accidents that can be prevented? What caused them? Are the facilities contributing to accidents? Are recommendations being fulfilled? Have exposures changed? These are some of the questions that a Safety professional needs to know about.

Being able to track the progress of recommendations is an important function. Don't miss out on any information that can prevent accidents. Preventing accidents saves you money.

  • Recommendation Tracking
  • Corrective Actions
  • Recommendation Library
  • OSHA Module
  • Surveys Module
  • Notes
  • Document Attachment
  • Email Alerts
  • Can be customized

Our Design

Our design mission for the Safety module focuses in on being able to record the recommendations and tracking corrective action. We created a facility so that you can create a library of recommendations. You can diary recommendations to check on them for completion by putting in target dates for completing the corrective action. Our Surveys module complements the recommendation facility so that you can custom tailor your own surveys. Our OSHA module let's you enter and do the reports necessary for OSHA compliance.

Safety Intake provides the mechanisms to allow you to collect the recommendations in a database so that information can later be reported on.

Our reporting modules let you find out what the issues are such as, the locations having the most accidents, their causes, body parts injured, in the injury agents, and more...

Why choose us?


Reduce Accident CostsTrack your recommendations and monitor progress


Can be customizedWork with our experienced design team for your special needs