Litigation Management

Many times it is not enough to rely on carriers and TPA's. You need to take charge of the claims being litigated.

The Litigation module can either stand alone or integrate with our Claim Intake system. It can help you track court activity, litigation activity, attorney's fees, case budgets and even the attorney's hours. Litigation Management is suited for most types of liability cases.


  • Court Information
  • Case Summary/Action Plans
  • Involved Parties
  • Case Financials
  • Case Budget Tracking
  • Case Letters
  • Reports
  • Notes/Diary
  • Document Attachment

Our Design

When we set out to design the litigation system, we conferred with our clients extensively. We worked with attorneys and other legal professionals to create a comprehensive, easy-to-use system.

We created a case budget system to track legal costs. In addition, we have created a suite of reports that can be accessed instantly or printed out to accompany you to the courtroom. Once again, INFORM provides you with your data on your terms. Reports such as: Case details, case notes, document lists, list of submitted documents, case budget, schedule of activities, court listings, are just some of the reports that can be printed out or accessed quickly.

It's just that simple.

Why choose us?


ExperienceYears of experience designing and implementing Litigation systems


RobustCaptures the right amount of information