Mobile Intake

INFORM uses several different easy to use entry screens designed for the mobile environment. We use various methods to address the differing needs of the mobile user base. From meeting basic needs to complex needs.

INFORM mobile Intake gives you a way of entering your important data where ever and whenever you want to.

  • Claims
  • Incidents
  • Exposures
  • Field Surveys
  • Field Questionnaires
  • Speciality Intake Needs
  • Intake Reporting
  • And more...

Our Design

The mobile environment is an emerging and exciting way to record and look at your data. There are new challenges that the Mobile environment presents.

INFORM's Mobile Intake allows easier field reporting of claims and incidents, even on the scene investigations. It provides a very useful platform for recording field surveys for Loss Prevention and any other survey you might need for controlling or evaluating your risk. As soon as the results are saved they are available at corporate, ready for the next step.

INFORM Mobile Intake has been designed to give you a way of entering your important data on the go.

Why choose us?


ExperienceOver 33 years providing RMIS systems


Device IndependentMobile device recognition