Medicare Section 111

If you are using INFORM's Self-Administered Claims Intake System, you may want to consider our Medicare Section 111 reporting system. Under the Medicare law, you need to report ANY Medicare "eligible" claims.

We created a seamless interface between the Claims Intake System and the Medicare Module to address this important requirement. Having the ability to "copy" an Intake claim to the Medicare Module allows for quick information updates and puts you in the driver's seat for compliance.


  • Medicare Intake Screens
  • Status Reports for Eligible Claims
  • Accurately Processed
  • Data Agent Link to Medicare
  • Medicare Section 111 Data Agent
  • Audit Trail Database
  • Notes
  • Document Attachment

Our Design

INFORM recognized the need to provide a seamless way of reporting their claims to Medicare under the Section 111 reporting requirements. We set out to design a complete database to capture and deliver the necessary data.

Our system captures all the required Medicare fields of information for satisfying your Medicare Section 111 reporting needs. In addition, our Medicare audit database records all the data sent to Medicare. We set up a direct link to send your Medicare eligible claims for verification. When verified, we send the files to Medicare on the schedule assigned by Medicare Section 111 for your organization. Our entry screens and reports let you monitor all the claims that have been sent to Medicare and any claims that might be eligible. You know every step of the way what claims have been submitted. Our entry screens let you update the information necessary as you learn about any changes.

And all at very reasonable cost.

Why choose us?


Reports that Keep You Up to DateHelps you to track your compliance


Audit Trail DatabaseOur Database tracks all data that is sent to Medicare