Field User Intake

Our Field User Intake solution simplifies the task of reporting claims quickly and economically.

Our user-friendly multi-line coverage screens are designed for field users and assist in solving incident and claim reporting issues that you may be facing.

In addition, this system is extremely cost effective and can save you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars on call center or TPA claim/incident reporting fees. Don't miss out on any information that can mitigate claim costs. We all know that faster and more accurate reporting saves claim costs.

  • Worker's Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Automobile Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Property
  • Email Alerts
  • Instant Availability in Claim Intake
  • Login Security for Field Turnover Made Easy
  • Can be customized

Our Design

Our design mission for Field User Intake is to provide a mechanism to allow a countless number of locations the ability to report claims and incidents in an economical manner and with little or no training. It can be utilized as a "stand alone" product or run integrally with our Claim Intake System.

By designing simple, easy-to-use entry screens, even the untrained user has the ability to report claims and incidents from the "field". Because this is a multi-line system, most liability claims/incidents can be reported on one simple set of forms. The field reported claims are instantly available to corporate claims management. By setting your own customized criteria, you'll know when you need to act quickly.

The Field User Intake system is deployable via the internet or your organization's intranet. So, why use costly call centers or TPA intake products to report claims when you can save with a direct reporting system.

Why choose us?


Proven ResultsOur clients have saved thousands in TPA and call center fees while improving their operations and bottom line


Can be customizedWork with our experienced design team to help us help you meet your