Customer Incidents

Having customer incidents or complaints but can't track them? Minor incidents happening but you have no way of tracking them? Cost a lot to use a TPA or Call center? We invite you to explore INFORM's Customer Incident Intake system.

Our clients have saved thousands and even more using this module. By tracking and knowing where your problems lie you can better manage them to have happier and safer customers.


  • Customer Incidents
  • Customer Complaints
  • Improve Your Operations and Facilities Design
  • Improve Your Operations Policies
  • Track Progress on Improvements
  • Email Alerts
  • Notes
  • Incident Tracking Reports
  • Document Attachment

Our Design

Our design mission for this module is to create an incident tracking system for minor customer incidents and complaints. We give you a way to collect pertinent information about these incidents and provide an email alert system for the more serious incidents. In fact, any incident meeting your specific criteria can be set up as an alert criteria so that you know in minutes.

A reporting system is provided so that you can analyze the problems and track the problems occurring so that you can intelligently take corrective actions. You can also generate your own custom reports. Once armed with where and what the problems are you can then take the appropriate action and monitor the progress of your operations or facility changes.

INFORM's Customer Intake module provides a lot of information very cost effectively to save you thousands of dollars. It is simply a better way to manage these risks. It is suited ideally to the retail, restaurant, and hospitality sector or any organization with a larger customer base with a larger number of company owned locations open to the public.

Why choose us?


Proven resultsSave thousands in TPA and call center fees


Can be customizedAn experienced design team is available for your needs