Drag & Drop Reporting

Want to create your own report or chart? INFORM offers a tool to allow you to create your own drag & drop report or chart.

Reports & charts can be created from our uniquely designed databases to simplify your report creation efforts. These databases are updated based on client-directed schedules so that you are always in touch with the latest valuations.

Some of the features are listed below:

  • Reports - with Drill Down
  • Charts - with Drill Down
  • Compound Reports
  • Define a Field
  • Filtering
  • Headings
  • Totals & Subtotals
  • User-Friendly Databases
  • Allows Save & Sharing Reports
  • Can be Customized

Our Design

At INFORM, we design databases that provide a wide range of fields and options essential to create a multitude of reports and charts. These special databases are created and kept in sync with your associated RMIS database each time we do an update to your data.

Create a report and instantly convert it to one of a variety of chart types. Create your own defined fields, change column headings, add total or subtotals, and much more. All with drag & drop technology. Options to save your report/chart allows for instant recall and launch capabilities.

We believe this design provides the user a better way to manage a data set to create powerful and insightful reports in a user-friendly environment.

Why choose us?


IntuitiveEasy to Use


Reports or ChartsA Robust Tool Set