Data Conversion

INFORM has been performing data conversion processing for over 35 years. So, we have experience in doing a wide variety of conversions.

We manage thousands of conversions a year. We process many different kinds of file formats including Excel, flat files and XML, just to name a few.

Each data source for each client is handled by our experienced staff to insure your data is loaded accurately and in a timely fashion. Our secure FTP server and encrypted backups assure you that your data is safe.

  • Dozens of Major Carriers
  • Major TPAs
  • Client Claim Feeds
  • Exposure Feeds
  • HR Feeds
  • Location Hierarchy Feeds
  • Individualized Data Conversion processes
  • Batch Run
  • Sign Off on Each Data Feed Processed


Our Process

INFORM recognizes that the data we receive from you, your carrier or TPA is an important commodity. Data loaded correctly and in a timely fashion is what you need to add value and usefulness to your RMIS system.

Our data conversion processing has a proven track record of success for over 35 years. Every Risk Management reporting aspect relies on accurate data. Our mission is to create and provide the best data conversion processing that people and technology can provide.



Why choose us?


Experience - over 35 yearsFrom simple to complex


AccuracyThorough data examination ensures highly accurate data