Claim Predator®

Sometimes even your best hunches are not right. Why increase the risk of missing a potentially expensive claim? Why not add a scientific approach using data modeling? Claim Predator® takes the guess work out of detecting what claims may become expensive.

INFORM uses AnalyticsPlus to do statistical modeling on your claims to create a model for your claims and your claims only.

A suite of reports, including mapping, allows you to do in-depth analysis of the claims that may become potentially expense, saving you thousands of dollars.

Our Design

It is always a challenge to identify what claim will become expensive and why? That's why we created Claim Predator®, to assist you in identifying potentially expensive claims as early as possible.

Although experience counts towards managing claims, how many claims turned out to be more expensive than you thought? The Claim Predator® processes your claims to analyze the statistically significant factors driving the financials. During this historical review, various factors are considered in the development of the claims, such as, location, gender, affected body part, cause, etc. A score is then applied to the claim.

Organizational claim factors differ from one organization to another. They are, in fact, driven by a wide variety of factors. That's why we take an individualized client approach to give you the best predictably imaginable. Other methodologies may fall short.

Click here to see our white paper on Predictive Modeling.

Why choose us?


Unique MethodologyIndividualized for each client's claim history


Coverage SpecificBest suited for workers' compensation, general liability, auto liability