Portal Reporting

Our RMIS Portal offers a vast array of reporting solutions for renewals, risk finance, actuarial reports, loss prevention, OSHA, field operations, construction projects (OCIP's/CCIP's) to email bursts and alerts. Ouputs include: HTML/HTML5, PDF, Excel, Active and Mapping and more.

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Web Based Intake

We offer Claim Administration, OCIP/CCIP Claims, Incidents, Field Incident reporting, Employee Incidents, Customer Incidents, OSHA Incidents, Medicare Section 111 Data Agent, Field Survey Questionnaires, OCIP/CCIP Project Enrollments and Payroll Administration and more.

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Data Consolidation

We do Data Consolidation of major carriers and TPAs. Custom data conversions from flat files, XML, Excel spreadsheets and more... Just have your data sent to our secure FTP server.


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  • Individualized AE support
  • Extension of your RM department
  • Technical Support
  • Secure Data Center
  • Disaster Recovery

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Services overview

While our technology makes our system powerful, our people make it simple.

Working for you are some of the industry’s brightest and innovative account managers, data engineers, business analysts, and technical engineers, as well as insurance professionals with decades of practical, hands-on industry experience. In fact, our account team specialists average 15 years of industry expertise. They speak your language, and they understand your needs. Simply tell your AE what you require. We set it up for you and deliver with lightning speed, every time. There’s no need to fuss with code and there are low demands on your IT department.


Presentable Data
INFORM gives you the freedom to get the report you need [...]

Trying to cut costs?
Accurate information in a timely fashion... so you can analyze what you need to do and monitor it to see if it is working. Delays will only cost you money. [...]

The fewest clicks
We strive for the fewest clicks to get you your data [...]

RMIS systems save you money
Information is essential in today's world for survival. Tools like our predictive modeling tool Claim Predator® can help you find your expensive claims earlier[...]